NEW | BTR® PokéBall Power Bank

Picture this.

It’s 8am, you’re up, showered, breakfast done - ready and raring to go for a day of Pokémoning the city looking for the rarest of little rascals you can find. 

With 100% battery you’re confident you’ll have enough juice to get a full day’s gaming. 

However with continuous play, constant data usage and GPS draining your battery even the best smartphones will struggle to last more than a few hours , let alone all day.

11am you’re down by the river looking for Magikarp and disaster strikes! 

Just 3 hours of enjoying yourself has killed your battery. There’s 1% left and you’ve just spotted a Pikachu! 

What do you do? 

You pull out the PokéBall Charger you purchased on Back To RealiTee that’s what! 

The PokéBall Charger - Pokemon Go Power Bank Shaped like your favourite pokemon catching ball, the PokéBall Charger gives you all the juice you’ll need for a full day of Pokemon adventuring! With speed charging, in a lightweight, small, easy to carry durable casing, USB connection & fully Apple compatible: Your PokéBall Charger is the number one Pokémon Go accessory for continuous, day long play. Don’t miss another rare Pokémon due to a dead battery & enjoy countless hours of Pokémon!

Tech specs:

  • Capacity : 10000Mah 
  • Size : 73x73mm 
  • Battery : Lithium 
  • Input : 5V-1A 
  • Output : 5V-1.5A 
  • Circle life : over 500 times 
  • Certification : CE FCC ROHS

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