Corner Protractor

  • ✅[Premium Materials]This angle finder ruler is made of durable Aluminum Alloy, it’s lightweight and foldable which make it easy to store and carry; laser engraved scales make it will not be worn out easily;
  • ✅[Simple, precise and fast]The Multi-angle guage can easily lock in angles with metal knobs. Easy to adjust and the markers are easy to read. This angle measurement tool can measure any angle accurately by tightening or loosening the screw, locks into any desired angle perfectly while making a mark as you need without having to mess around with paper templates and cutting them out.
  • ✅[Easier for your job]Enables external and internal angles to be read directly from a scale. Divides top angle in two without changing the setting.No more do over and wasted materials, whether you’re working with wood, porcelain tile, or ceramic tile or any time you need precise cutting.
  • ✅[A MUST-HAVE RULER FOR YOUR TOOLBOX]Its really helpful when you have to cut tricky custom angles, it will save a lot of time and frustration for measuring corners and cutting quickly.
  • ✅[FITS LOTS OF APPLICATIONS]This Protractor handy for tile, brick, stone, wood, laminate to cuts and any projects you can think of perfectly for any DIY lovers, woodworkers. It works well on both concave & convex angles, which eliminates do over & wasted material. A must-have tool for every handyman!